We are nearing the end of our Book Blast, but there’s still time to earn books on your Treasure Map booklist. All of our PreK-8th grade students will be taking home at least one new book from Book Blast in the coming weeks. However, if families complete the Treasure Map assignment before Sunday, their students can earn up to 10 new books. How exciting! Today‘s students with the highest contributions from each grade are:

Pre-K -  Bryson Taylor

Kindergarten -  Luka Workman

1st Grade -  Camden Thomas

2nd Grade -  Aneiya Workman

3rd Grade -  Arias Workman

4th Grade -  Maddex Jones

5th Grade -  Samuel Norris

6th Grade -  Lily Mills

7th Grade -  Rebecca King

8th Grade -  Jordyn Shadle

Current contribution leader in the school ($100 shopping spree will be given to the top contributor in the school after the event closes, so this name could change): Samuel Norris