After School Pickups and Dismissals - (3:10, 2:10, & 12:02)

Due to an increase in pickups and walkers this year and in an effort to help traffic flow more smoothly and alleviate lines that may occur on Walnut Street, this information is provided to help clarify student pick-up procedures.

Parking in The Circle Drive: The first car in the circle drive should drive all the way through the circle and stop at the sign by the end of the sidewalk.  All other vehicles, please pull up behind the one in front, but leave the crosswalk in the circle drive clear. If you have an elementary student you are picking up, please stay in your vehicle and we will release students as quickly as possible to your vehicles. Then, when it is safe to do so, you may leave.

 K – 12:  If you are wanting to walk up and pick up your child, please park in the main lot and cross at the crosswalk through the Circle Drive.

Bus drop off

Buses cannot drop young students (grades PK-4) off without seeing an adult at the home. Students in grades 5-12 can be let off the bus without an adult present.

Event Attendance

Any Clay City Pre-K through 4th grade resident attending a school regulated activity must be accompanied by an adult.

A la Carte item purchases

A high school child must have a positive balance to purchase additional items at lunch. Please check the balance on the Parent Portal.