Braden Wilson and Tiffany Kuenstler

Braden Wilson as a representative of Clay City Pep Club surprised Coach Tiffany Kuenstler a gift for game day. Fully dressed in school spirit, Mrs. Kuenstler accepted the treat bag with a smile. A bright start for a great season. Students are continuing the season dressing in themes for each game.  Pep Club members have been busy making signs and goodie bags, proud to start the year on a positive note.

Hawaian Themed (Photo Credit Tiffany Kuenstler)
Frat Guy Theme - Kamden Bruner, Gracie Marshoff (Photo Credit Cayden Craig)
Tiffany Kuenstler, Braden Wilson (Photo Credit) Emily Wilkin)

Hawaian Cutline: Su Isik, Chelsea Beck, Gracie Warren, Katelyn Workman, Catherine warren, Sammie Craig, Taylor Pittman, Keidra Kuenstler, Haven Cash