FCCLA Packs We Care Bags

FCCLA sponsor Bethany Kuhlig is excited about this year's possibilities reporting that "FCCLA has had so much fun this year taking over the We Care food bag program. We had a generous donation from the Salvation Army of Clay County and we all went shopping"  The We Care program provides sacks of food for students to take home over the weekend.  FCCLA utilizes multiple resources and combines them for maximum benefit to our families.  As "Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America," FCCLA members commit to improving the lives of families everywhere.  Kuhlig feels that this group of students is particularly  "passionate about improving their school and the community.  They have big plans for this year!"  Plus, they are proving their dedication.  Last week they packed over 100 bags in less than an hour proving they are willing to work hard to make their plans a reality.